Employment History

J&E Software Engineering Services
Destin Dreamers Vacation Property Management Company Destin, FL   
August 2019 - Current

  • Job Title: Owner of J&E Software Engineering Services, Chief Technical Officer and part owner of Destin Dreamers.

  • Primary Duties: Master integrator.  Managed all reservations and pre-check-in/post checkout side of business including marketing, software systems, hiring and training staff, working with customers to secure bookings, ensure accounting administered correctly, finding new owners, selling them on company, and onboarding new owners.

  • Implemented 2 software systems and developed custom software to integrated data from Airbnb, Homeaway, and in house manual systems.

  • Prevented Destin Dreamers from failing, took company from 6 houses and $350,000 in revenue to 11 houses and $1.1 million in revenue, developed new policies and procedures in a very fast paced, high stress work tempo, navigated COVID-19 response, pleased many customers with superior support.

  • Single handedly booked over $750,000 in reservations while Implementing two property management software systems (Guesty first then we were forced to abandon Guesty and implement Streamline), developed manual systems that were used to book new reservations, track existing reservations, and fulfill reservations (including writing necessary custom software) while transitioning to new system(s). 

  • Performed numerous Entrepreneurship and Innovation Sprints to evaluate next steps / to test if new ideas would be of any value.

  • Recruited, hired, and trained staff, and managed half the business. Ensured systems were running well. Handed all responsibilities off, successfully before departing company.  

ExoAnalytic Solutions, Colorado Springs, CO and Huntsville, AL   
April 2018 - July 2019
  • Job Title: Systems Engineer 2 and Information System Security Manager

  • Primary Duty: Provided software engineering support to analysts for the development of models and simulations.

  • Served as temporary ISSM and network admin for Huntsville Office secured area.

  • Developed detailed plan to comply with Risk Management Framework and developed and implemented tools to comply with RMF controls.  Learned RMF in detail.

  • Utilize System Effectiveness Analysis Simulation (SEAS) and Tactical Programming Language (TPL) to build models and simulations to answer questions for the government.  

  • Software lead for integration project of modeling simulation softwares AFSIM and SEAS.

Springs Technology Inc., Colorado Springs, CO
Aug 2017 - April 2018
  • Job Title: Developer

  • Primary Duty: New development on Google Scripting utilizing Google Sheets (Excel Spreadsheets in Google Framework) with scripts calling various APIs and performing different data transformations in the code.

  • Receive weekly requirements from client on east coast of United States, generate cost estimates, and implement iterations then modify as client needed.  Design for changes as client often had incomplete requirements at the start of a project.  Update client and supervisor as projects evolve.

  • Evaluate design patterns for JavaScripting (Google Script is simple Javascript with a few integration libraries) and implement more efficient patterns as necessary after discussion with supervisor.

  • Correct legacy sheets' scripting and update from SOAP to REST.

  • Average workload of 15 - 20 hours per week while attending school.

Jobson Interactive, Colorado Springs, CO
July 2016 - April 2017
  • Job Title: Web Developer / QA Lead

  • ​​Primary Duties: designed, implemented, and maintained websites for eyeglasses industry utilizing MVC.NET, design patterns, AJAX, JSON, and various Java Script libraries on legacy sites and for new projects.   

  • Kept project manager and management up to date using CRM and MS Project.

  • Generated cost estimates for change requests and new projects.

  •  Maintained legacy code and new projects in Subversion Source Code Repository (Tortoise SVN).

  • Updated product line software requirements documents as new features were implemented.

  • Maintained backlog of various projects including low priority bugs, new features, and change requests.

  • Prioritized daily activities per project management needs and maintenance needs.

  • Implemented Quality Assurance process where none existed.  Trained junior developer on correct Quality Assurance processes.  Established documentation procedures for all developer interactions with quality assurance process.  

  • Left after only 10 months because the company restructured and stopped doing development work; I returned to school full time.

AlphaPlex Inc., Colorado Springs, CO
Oct. 2014 - July 2016
  • Job title: Web Developer

  • Primary Duties: Web Customizations – Worked with multiple stakeholders using customized agile methodology to elicit requirements for customizations for data driven SaaS applications.

  • Implemented customizations from legacy code using ASP.NET, Java Script (JQUERY, AJAX) HTML5, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, SQL, Object Oriented Programming, and more.

  • Documented customizations and delivered final product to customers including setting up web hosting and training stakeholders.

  • Sales - told customers about possibilities and if they wanted suggestions, generated price quotes for new features.

  • Requirements elicitation - on new projects, would elicit requirements through phone conversations and emails. 

  • Design - drafted micro design documents for requirements on customizations.

  • Project Management - ensured customization projects were on time, all stakeholders were kept informed and all work was done correctly (for site customizations from new requirements elicitation to delivery).

  • Maintenance - completed numerous bug repairs (legacy and new code)

  • Quality Assurance (developed test suites and execute tests)

  • Upgraded entire product line to responsive web design using bootstrap.

  • See professional projects page for detailed information.

Colorado Technical University Work Study, Colorado Springs, CO
Sept. 2013 - Oct. 2014
  •  Job Title: Computer Science Tutor and IT Specialist with Colorado Springs Early Colleges.

  • Tutored students in HTML5, CSS, C++, linux, data structures, discrete math, algebra, homeland security, organizational management, and APA formatting.

  • Sat at library desk, answered phones, assisted students with library help such as scholarly document locating and computer usage.

  • Assisted with all high school IT duties including network administration, network automation, and computer builds / rebuilds.

  • Maintained network, assisted students, completed various projects i.e. camera and recording device installations for school buses.

 Bold Technologies LTD., Colorado Springs, CO
 2008 – 2013 
  • Job Title: Quality Assurance and Product Care Specialist

  • Served as a Software Quality Assurance Technician for 2.5 years.

  • Served as help desk technician for six months.

  • QA'd entire user manual and updated complex instruction sets for numerous change sets.

  • QA'd new versions of Central Station Automation Software called Manitou.

  • QA'd new modules.

  • Generated test cases, test suites, and regression tests for numerous new features and executed tests.

  • Configuration Management - created software distribution packages and updates on a weekly basis and in response to emergencies, then tested and released the updates and packages.

  • Made documents (user and technical) for numerous pieces of new software. Troubleshot and repaired software when needed.

  • Prioritized various projects with many stakeholders and made time sensitive decisions.

  • Maintained small bank of virtual and stand-alone servers utilizing V-Sphere.

  • Analyzed software designs against user requirements, modified functionality with developers, oversaw quality of product development from inception to delivery.

  • Made and implemented communications template into ticketing system that optimized communications and reduced time on one support ticket by an average of 60%.

  • Subject Matter Expert for Kantech security system integration with Manitou.  Ensured all requirements were met and all code functioning as well as developing test suites for these items. 

  • Subject Matter Expert for Quickbooks integration with Manitou software. 



US Coast Guard Petty Officer - 2001 - 2009